Annual Campaign

For so many LGBTQIA+ people across the world there are no civil rights laws to protect them.  Just living in the country they were born in is a risk to their safety. Some are faced with the devastating choice to leave their home, just so they can live without violence. Oasis Legal Services was created to help our global LGBTQIA+ family to find a safe haven here in the US. We hope that you’ll join us in this vision and donate today.

Our primary goals as we stabilize our new organization and ensure we are meeting community needs in the next 3-5 years include:

  • Increase staff to serve more clients - The biggest barrier right now is our limited number of staff. Oasis projects a continued waitlist and expects to reach capacity by the end of 2017.

  • Social worker on staff - Oasis serves clients with trauma and many do not have access to  other services. Having a social worker on staff would greatly benefit clients, especially since the average length of an asylum case is two years.  We envision Oasis growing to offer more comprehensive social services to our clients so that, as our mission says, “dignity grows and integrity blooms”.

  • Create capacity to refer out - through training and education informed by our success and experience, create a network of trusted attorneys who are educated in LGBTQIA+ issues and affirmative asylum cases across the country.

As a start-up non-profit, these goals will only be attainable with support from funders and individual donors. Our goal is to have 70% of our budget funded by fees from clients by 2020.

Please join our campaign today! Any donation makes a difference.

  • $50 subsidizes our low-cost 1st consultation fee for LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees in need of advice on their cases and legal status

  • $100 subsidizes our clients' affordable legal fees for asylum, allowing them to work with our Rockstar attorneys and legal representatives

  • $250 to $999 subsidizes services to obtain U.S. immigration visas for our clients’ family members abroad to be re-united with them  (We will mail you an Oasis sticker too!)

  • $1,000 to $4,999 subsidizes services for multiple clients to become legal permanent residents (Our thank you includes Oasis sticker and choice of either a  Oasis T-shirt or tote bag)